Main influence on my style was classic illustration and sequential art.

Media and tools I prefer are traditional - pen, brush and ink, and watercolors and gouache, but I have experience in digital art also, by using Photoshop for coloring and painting my hand made drawings.


My favorite subjects are those which include a lot of imagination, such as mythological ones, from European fairy tales and epic fantasy worlds to American wild west myth.
But that is not all of themes I've worked on, as You can see in many examples of my art on this site, there is large diversity of themes I have challenged my skills on, with more or less success.

My drawing style and capacity as illustrator, stretch from almost realistic, through grotesque, to cartoony and caricature, with special accent on anthropomorphic animals, children's book illustration, female characters, and character design in general.

Sasa Arsenic, Illustrator, arsenicart

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