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Personal info

Born on December 5, 1978 in Zagreb.
Since 1992 lives and work in Belgrade, Serbia.


Mother tongue: Serbian

Other language(s): English


Master of Arts in book graphic and illustration

​1997 - 2002


University of arts in Belgrade - Faculty of Applied Arts (Arts and Crafts) - Department of Applied graphic with Degree in book illustration and sequential art, Kralja Petra 4, Belgrade.

High school degree of book binding technician

​1993 - 1997

High school - Grafička škola Novi Beograd, Otona Župančiča 19, Belgrade.

Since 1992 attending school of comics and illustrations "Đorđe Lobačev" in Belgrade, led by prof. Vladimir Vesovic, founded the same year.

Work experience


- pen, brush and ink,
- graphite,
- charcoal,
- watercolor,
- gouache,
- tempera and
- pastel.


- Photoshop.

2010 - present
2010 - present

​Ilustrator, comics artist and concept artist.

1997 - present​


2018 * Illustrated the Old and New Testament for Children with 450 color illustrations for the Aramaic community in Germany.

2017 * Illustrated the Chinese edition of the book about famous Serbian actor Velimir Bata Zivojinovic.

2016 * The beginning of work on illustrations in the children's book edition "Vulkančić" for publishing house "Vulkan".

2015 * collaborated as a penciler or inker on graphic novels for the French and US markets.

2012 - present * Working on various individual projects of illustrating books, picture books, magazines, storyboards, advertising illustrations, the concept art for video games, for various publishing houses and marketing agencies.

2009 - 2011 * Working with a group of Serbian comic artists and writers within the studio "Soko" strip magazine project "Dinamit".

2008 - present * Working as a illustrator for the famous Serbian illustrated magazine "Politikin Zabavnik", publishing and newspaper company "Politika".

2007 - present * Collaborating with the publishing house "Klett" Belgrade.
Illustrating textbooks such as "Adventures through the World around Us", and other school books and editions for children.

2004 - present * Work as illustrator, independently or as part of a team of illustrators for the publisher "Creative Center".
Illustrations for textbooks and books such as Illustrations for the "World around us" for the third grade of elementary school, a book from the edition "How it was to live", "This is how people lived in the Ottoman Empire" and a number of other books, textbooks and workbooks.

2002 - 2003 * Draw the comic book "Secret Agent Izzy" for the publisher "Luxor" from Belgrade.

2000 - 2001 * Collaborating on making comics and illustrations for the illustrated satirical magazine "Bager" - publishing house "MAH" from Belgrade.

2000 - 2003 * Works on illustrations for books, picture books, posters, labels, magazine "Zrnce", all with educational purposes for children related to ecology, for publishing houses: "Ekolibri", "EKO Centar" and "Recycling Agency of the Republic of Serbia".

1999 * works for the magazine for pupils of elementary schools "Veliko Dvorište" publishing company "Draganić" from Belgrade.

1999 - present * Creates his own short comics for comics almanack "Strip Vilajet", comic magazine "Stripoteka", comic anthology "Novi srpski strip" by publisher "Komiko", comic magazines "Strip Pressing" and "Parabelum" from Serbia, "Strip Burger" from Slovenia, "Strip Creator" and "Strip Art" from Macedonia.

1998 - 2001 * Collaborates with the marketing agency "Fabrika Snova" from Belgrade on the production of advertising comics and illustrations, storyboards for various advertising campaigns. The most important job for this agency was work on advertising comics and illustrations for the "Delta" ice cream factory printed in "Politikin Zabavnik".
1998 * Making illustrations for the magazine for the lower grades of elementary schools "Tik-Tak" for publishing house "Dečje Novine" from Gornji Milanovac, Serbia.

1997 - 1998 * Works on illustrations for newspapers for elementary school students "Školarac" and "Školarka" of the publishing house "Nova Škola" from Belgrade.


Participates in numerous group exhibitions from the first exhibitions of the comic art school "Đorđe Lobačev" at the gallery "Braća Stamenković", through the big exhibition "60 years of comics in Serbia" at the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade, where he was one of the youngest participants. Also exibits his artworks on numerous exhibitions in Serbia and in surrounding countries.
Regularly exhibits at the annual exhibition "Balkanska smotra mladih strip autora" in Leskovac, "Salon Stripa" in Belgrad, "Salon Stripa" in Veles, Macedonia, Annual exhibition of workshop of comics and illustration "Đorđe Lobačev" in Student Cultural Center and Children's Cultural Center In Belgrade, an annual exhibition of "USUS" ("Association of Serbian Comic Artists") in the gallery "Progres", Dom omladine of Belgrade, and Children's Cultural Center,. "Golden Feather of Belgrade" and numerous other group exhibitions.
He had one solo exhibition of illustrations, comics and drawings in the gallery "Happy Gallery" at the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade in 2008.


Winner of several awards and recognitions:

  • first prize at the competition on theme - theater and comics, organized by Bitef Theater in 1997,

  • best young illustrator award at the Balkan review of Young Strip authors in Leskovac 2006, Serbia and

  • prize of the Politikin Zabavnik at "Golden Pen" 2007.


Sponsorship prizes at the Comic Book Fair in Belgrade:

  • "Marketprint" publishing house and "Stripoteka" comics magazine,

  • "System Comics" publishing house award and

  • "Svet stripa", association and magazine "Kiša" from Kragujevac, Serbia.


First prize in Salon of comic strip in Veles, Macedonia 2016.

Other activities

Associate professor in the school of comics, illustrations and the concept of art "Đorđe Lobačev".

One of the initiators and members (with other former pupils of the comic school "Đorđe Lobačev", and today established comic authors) workshop of comics and illustrations "Đorđe Lobačev"


One of the founders and artists of the comic art studio "Soko".

One of the founders of the comic group "Bagra", (The Bagra Who Draws at Sundays in "Felix")

Sasa Arsenic, Illustrator, arsenicart

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